Mark Lamia discusses the Black Ops II engine


I had a great conversation with Treyarch’s studio head, Mark Lamia, on this week’s podcast. We talked for a good 40 minutes about several topics — how and why the team chose to radically rethink the single-player campaign with branching options and storylines, how the studio feels about leaks, what details people may have missed during the reveal of Black Ops II, and even a few interesting tidbits about how he and David Vonderhaar met all those years ago.

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NYC_Gamer3654d ago

The average COD fan is fine with that old modded quake engine

stage883654d ago

To an extent I agree with them. They are making bucket loads of money so why take time and money to change the formula?

However, as a gamer, I really do want a new engine but it'll most likely come with the next gen. I also think it won't be radically different gameplay wise as they won't want to alienate their core fan base.

ATi_Elite3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

New Engine!!!!?

"The more time i spend making a new engine for BOII the less time I have to drive my Ferrari and less time driving my Ferrari is not happening"!!

~ Any Call of Duty Dev

Seriously folks no need for new engine on old hardware. We will be dazzled with new Engine NExt console gen!

DeadlyFire3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

Well Frostbite 2 gets to take another stab at their "upgraded engine" this fall.

I do agree though. Next-gen launch will have them on a brand new engine. Undoubtedly. Graphic's crown I am not so certain they will attempt to go after. Although they might just go with Cel-shaded graphics on Unreal Engine 4 for bad ass Call of Duty action at 60 fps even on the WiiU!!

BlindGuardian3653d ago

the title should be "Mark Lamia discusses the 2007's Call of Duty 4 engine"

tigertron3653d ago

Not even 2007, but 2006 as the engine was in development along with COD4 then.

MrMister3653d ago

@ NYC_Gamer: When you say average COD fan, does that assessment include yourself?

NYC_Gamer3653d ago

Nah,i don't play COD since i'm not really into online run and gun shooters.....i'm more into playing tactical or RTS games online...

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Reborn3653d ago

Next-Gen seems more likely. If it doesn't happen then... never?

But it's the same with DLC, in a sense. If it beats forecasts, and sets record, why on earth would you change the process? Until COD stops selling like hotcakes, no new engine (or till next gen, maybe).

Oldman1003653d ago

Instead of remodeling an older house in compton, what we want you to do is take those billions of dollars you've earned and invest in a new, bigger and better mansion in beverly hills.

GammaSix3653d ago

Sub HD
Piss poor sound quality
Way to much bloom

Great new engine