9.0 gives Diablo III 9/10

The Dutch authority on games,, has given Diablo III a score of 9 out 10, praising the balanced and fluent gameplay, while critising it's overly easy opening hours.

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caboose323660d ago

The game is awesome, but the opening hours were definitely way too easy, it had me worried for a bit.

Play2Win3660d ago

you play on normal first. of course it cant be that hard on your first playthrough. this game expands over years.

reznik_zerosum3659d ago

o.m.g he said game is awesome lets disagree and compare it with cod

Kran3659d ago

For me, the game got harder as each act occurred. The final boss of Act 2 was hard on Normal. Act 3 feels slightly harder too.

caboose323659d ago

Well yea exactly, only about two hours in and it's already getting pretty crazy.

NnT32913660d ago

the game is fun and addictive, graphics are a bit cartoony but still very artistic. The only thing I hate is that I have to be online all the time to play the single mode. that sucks

Kran3659d ago

They're not cartooney. They make the game look like art.

Like somebody has just painted the picture. It looks beautiful.