Game of Thrones Review -

Some technical issues aside (especially toward the end), it's a solid experience. It's just not for everyone. But if you revel in the brutality, self-deprecation and masochism of the series, then you will positively love this game. If you can get past the archaic mechanics, GoT can provide yet another way to steep yourself in the wonderful, dark world of A Song of Ice and Fire.

No doubt Maester Martin approves.

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Emilio_Estevez3658d ago

Only good review I've seen so far, don't think I trust this site/review.

NYC_Gamer3658d ago

The game looks garbage from all the videos posted on the web.....

Alexious3658d ago

Well, many hands-on were positive actually. I think the truth might be in the middle, it may be a 6/7 game but not 4 or 9.

joab7773658d ago

Actually, i dont mind this review because it isnt trying to say the game is something it isnt, & i knew this would happen because the love for this story is great. He is obviously a fan and loved the additional time in westeros. Now, even the reviews from ign etc said that if u can look past alot of the technical issues, it gets good at the end storywise.

I guess the people that were gonna get it no matter what dont care about reviews and the rest hav plenty of other reputable sites to lean on.