The Last of Us Screenshots

TheParanoidGamer - With the latest trailer now out, Sony has released some brand new hi-resolution sceenshots.

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stonecold33654d ago

they are amazing cant wait for this game comes out i hope it gets released pretty soon

units3654d ago

No ingame screenshots?

yesmynameissumo3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

Those scenes are running in-game, processed and compiled with the game engine. This is the stuff GI was shown when they got their "hands-on". Google "in-game"...that might be a good starting point for understanding this hobby of ours, as you are apparently clueless about.

This will be marked as trolling by a cousin of yours.

floetry1013654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

There is a difference between a cutscene running on the in-game engine and an in-game screenshot.

Look at any past Uncharted title. Naughty Dog are extremely clever at disguising the transition from the cutscene to the gameplay. They are one of the few developers to get so close to emulating exactly what you see in a detailed dialogue scene, that you can't seperate it from gameplay. You're a fool to think they're the same though. Note especially the facial animations during banter sessions between say, Drake and Chloe. They don't at all match the detail from the cutscene, nor do the textures or movement of their clothing. It's also completely prevalent in co-op mode, because they don't use "engine" cutscenes. This is the kind of stuff I noticed on my 5th or 6th playthough of the game though.

The moniker "in-game engine" is usually associated with cutscenes promoting the game. That Unreal Engine 3 test on next-gen hardware? Falls in the exact same category.

yesmynameissumo3654d ago

I know the difference between cutscenes running in-game and in-game action/gameplay. My point is there is ONE engine. It renders cutscenes and gameplay. If people bitch about not seeing gameplay (a reasonable bitching btw), cool. When people just throw out terms to troll, when technically, the whole damn thing is in-game, it bothers me. All The Last of Us stuff we've seen has made my mouth water at what the gameplay will potentially look like. Thanks for the reply flo!

IHateYouFanboys3654d ago

@yesmynameissumo: "My point is there is ONE engine. It renders cutscenes and gameplay."


There is one engine, but that one engine can run multiple different LOD models, quality of textures, and assets. Alan wake was absolutely torn apart on here by the Sony faithful because it's in-engine cutscenes used far more detailed character models than those that you see "in game". Guess what? Uncharted 1,2,3 and the last of us all do the same.......yet they all get a free pass because they're on a Sony console. For all we know these cutscenes that we've seen are all per-rendered, taking minutes to render every frame, and stored as a video even though they are "in engine". We KNOW that they are higher LOD models than you'll see in gameplay, because there are simply too many polygons and too much detail to be run on these consoles in real time.

3654d ago
KingSlayer3654d ago

"who is the clueless now?"

It appears you are...still. Yes is right. There's one engine. There are various calls and sub routines executed, but it's still one engine. God, you guys really are ignorant douchebags at times. Well said Yes! Bubbles.

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theunleashed643654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

you know units your desperate attempts to kill the buzz surrounding the newest trailer that just came out is sad and pathetic. really it is, i have seen trolls troll harder than you have but of course i don't know if you are even trying anymore. but as always when it's being played on stage at E3 and it looks fantastic you'll be eating your words like the other trolls always do in these type of situations. oh! look there is about three trolls in this article already truly sad.

OT: the trailer looked fantatistic look forward to seeing gameplay at E3.

Kingdom Come3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

The Last of Us is easily within my personal top five most anticipated titles along with Grand Theft Auto V, Halo 4, Bioshock Infinite and Rainbow Six Patriots, I have no doubt that Naughty Dog will have developed another sublime game, but guy's, please, quit overhyping the graphics, this isn't in-game, we all know it. The game will look absolutely stunning, who knows, possibly setting a new standard for what can be achieved graphically on a console, but this trailer was not in-game...

Anyway, I am hugely anticipating the E3 2012 demonstration.

Nac3654d ago

Can't wait for E3!!!

mushroomwig3654d ago

Likewise, I have a feeling it's going to be a great conference.

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