343′s Halo trilogy mapped out for ten years, says O’Connor

VG247 writes: The Reclaimer Trilogy, the name for the new series of Halo games, has been laid out for up to ten years, 343 Industries’ Frank O’Connor has said.

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Bluemaster773660d ago

Hopefully the story is handled more carefully than did Bungie

Burning_Finger3660d ago

More like Milked for 10 years.XD

cstyle3660d ago

jealous are Halo is a hell of a story. So much to be told. Only on xbox too.

h311rais3r3660d ago

I hope u realize a trilogy is 3 games. 3 games over ten years is a core halo game every 3.2 years. How is that milking exactly?

DeadlyFire3660d ago

You never heard of DLC, Spin-offs like Reach, and whatnot have you h311rais3r? No offense, but just saying there is still alot of room to milk it if they chose to do so.

If its really a new game every 3 years then each of them will be gold. Which I would be happy to play. Sounds kinda awesome to me. My only question is do we get DLC, Spin-offs or another Microsoft IP in-between? I know its not common for Microsoft to have a New IP. Last one I believe they created was Alan Wake or Halo. Either way. I hope this gives room for a new something to appear.

gtxgamer23660d ago

Don't milk halo like the CoD series -.-

peowpeow3660d ago

A game every 3 years, hardly. Also storywise, they can do so much

ginsunuva3660d ago

They had this new trilogy planned out? To make the first trilogy seem worthless in comparison?