4 Insanely Specific Video Game Patents You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Publishers patent certain aspects and technology in their games all the time but the average gamer generally doesn't think about that particular aspect of the business much, if at all. However, there exist some pretty interesting and almost unbelievable patents when researched, and as such, GP Editor Jared highlights four insanely specific video game patents in this article.

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WeskerChildReborned3664d ago

This get's me wondering if Microsoft patented the Cross Game Chat feature.

TopDudeMan3664d ago

Well, I doubt it, because the vita has that, I think.

TekoIie3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )


Its probably like with what they said in the article. Sony has found a way "round" it IF Microsoft has patented cross game chat.

The more people who have access to this feature the better. Communication makes multiplayer games so much more enjoyable :)

nveenio3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

The Vita is a console, it's just handheld. And even if it wasn't, there's no way they would patent the tech on just the one platform. When you patent technology, you want it to be as broad as possible while still getting the patent. Also, the patent can't just cover an idea; it has to cover a technique. There's more to a patent than just saying, "I want to patent the first human powered helicopter.". You have to actually show how the tech works, and THAT'S what gets the patent.

EDIT: you'll also note that the article doesn't even reference the patents. How do we even know if the patent is being correctly paraphrased?

EDIT 2: just read the patent for the Crazy Taxi arrow. It's a patent for a method of determining vectors and updating the display accordingly, along with possible applications. *yawn*. There are a ton of games that determine vectors....stupid to assume that Sega holds the patent on Math.

Kurt Russell3663d ago

Pekolile says "Communication makes multiplayer games so much more enjoyable" and so far more people have disagreed with him than agreed?... Whaaaaaaa..? Explain yourselves!

haggishurler3663d ago

@Kurt Russell

unfortunately we will never know as these people would obviously rather not speak to anyone and will likely never reply to us.

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Nimblest-Assassin3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

why are Reggie and Miyamoto vampires?

strangelove3663d ago

I had a different image set up for the title where Miyamoto was a vampire and attacking the character from Haunting Ground. Then I realized I had a brain fart and that Haunting Ground was the wrong game. Instead of getting rid of Vampire Miyamoto, I added in Vampire Reggie and had them attack Kaz Hirai.

TopDudeMan3664d ago

Fifa has a mini game on the loading screen and that's made by EA.

And that one with SEGA's big arrow is ridiculous. You can't patent the ability to point to things with an arrow. Or at least I didn't think you could.

dead_eye3664d ago

I think EA would call it a practice loading screen.

dragon_rocks3663d ago

If I recall correctly then even Bioshock has a arrow pointer which shows where the way to next objective is. Dead Space does it in a better way by actually marking a line to the way of the objective.

hellzsupernova3664d ago

so that is why i cannot listen to music i always thought it was amemory limitation thing.

Thanks microsoft you jerks
how can they patent something ive done for years on my pc? its ridiculous

kneon3664d ago

Other than in racing games I have no use for listening to my own music in game.

In most games the music is part of the experience and was specifically crafted for each part of the game, putting some other soundtrack just spoils the atmosphere.

And in most multiplayer games I want to hear what's going on around me, I don't want guitars screaming in my ear.

iamnsuperman3664d ago

I know what you mean. Racing games I can understand but for other games I want to hear what is going on and it is part of the experience.

mastemikegee3663d ago

Yes! I totally agree. I think it works well for fighting games too. Not always, but sometimes yes.

Patriots_Pride3663d ago

I guess you have not played Bayonetta...the music in that game sucked turtle nuts.

Dir_en_grey3663d ago

Microsoft got the idea from PS1 where you can load up your game and pop in your own CD for the music.

Hicken3664d ago

Eff you in the A, Microsoft! (As if I didn't feel that way already.)

trenso13664d ago

Wow thanks MS I can't listen to music on my ps3 because of you. -___-

Emilio_Estevez3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

You actually can on some games, just found this nifty link b/c I was curious how many -

Isn't very up to date though.

trenso13664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

thanks for the link im already aware of a few games like killzone 2 and little big planet but i would have liked all games to be able to play music.

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