Velocity has many hidden Easter Eggs

The excellent Velocity PS Mini has many Easter Eggs according to one of it's programmers. To celebrate the release of the game we take a look at a few of the hidden gems to start you off

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irishyort3657d ago

Looks like a fun retro game..... ON YOUTUBE!!

Still not available on Vita Store!

jronj3657d ago

You can get it through the ps3 store, but it wont transfer to the vita.

irishyort3657d ago

Yep I know, and you are correct.

Developers of the game itself have suggested that it was coming out and playable on Vita via Minis on the 16th in EUR, UK and NA.

Supposedly the EUR people have it and I'm sure it's in UK today too, however not in NA still. Developers were checking why. I hope its not being held back for a big E3 mass release, or it will get lost in the rubble. Reviews seem to say it is one of the highest rated games released this year on average for what it is.

Gamerankings have it at 91% based on 7 reviews so far, Metacritic have it at 90 based on 9 reviews.