FIFA boss explains reasoning for lack of diving in FIFA 13 writes, "FIFA 13 will arrive this autumn without the ability to simulate a dive in order to fool the referee into awarding an unjust foul, and lead producer David Rutter doesn't sound overly enthusiastic about ever implementing such a feature."

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FlashXIII3664d ago

Out of all the things he could potentially cover, diving? Like really? If it wasn't already easy enough to get penalties, if they added a diving system you just know that within days of the demo coming out people would find ways to abuse it.

Yi-Long3664d ago

... cause it's annoying as hell...

However, PES did have diving and they've done it pretty well, with only a slight chance on success, depending on the exact angle of the referee and such. If you fail, you get a card. Nice balance between risk and reward.

DasTier3664d ago

I'm pretty sure one of the older games, maybe '07 on original Xbox, had the ability to dive. I can also remember that '07 on xbox was far superior to '07 on 360.

Nakerman3664d ago

I remember This Is Football having the ability to dive, that's about it.

kingdavid3664d ago

So did PES at one stage.

Frankly its a rubbish feature.

TheDareDevil3664d ago

I'd love diving, but obvioously it should be kept off during MP matches.

But yeah put diving in FIFA!!!

Pintheshadows3664d ago

Pointless feature you never use.