Activision sued over Modern Warfare 3

Activision is in hot water over Modern Warfare 3, with fellow developer Novalogic claiming the FPS violates its trademark, and uses a version of its logo without permission.

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hiredhelp3663d ago

Get in there Novalogic I want these guys back in buisness these guys made awsome mordern day FPS, task force dagger was good but many known them for black hawk down.

Plz come back to the industry.

llMurcielagoll3663d ago

Idd, not only Delta force, but also would love to see an F-22 Lighting IV or an Armored Fist, or a new Commache game!

TekoIie3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

MW2 has the logo as well why didn't they sew back then? Not like they could have missed MW2 with all the news that was on it lol.

OneAboveAll3663d ago

Need a new delta force game please!

iamnsuperman3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Wow that's crazy. Delta force is so widely used (kind of like saying hoover is technically wrong as it is a vacuum cleaner and hoover is a brand name). Interesting to see how this will play out. Well played Novalogic

gatormatt803662d ago

Really?? Do that many people really call a vacuum cleaner a Hoover, even if it is a different brand like Dyson or other brands?? I've had a Hoover and a now a Dyson, yet I still call it a vacuum. I didn't know that it is more commonly called a Hoover...

UnSelf3662d ago

yea his analogy is a lil off. something more appropriate is like ppl calling all petroleum jelly products Vaseline

Hufandpuf3663d ago

"Courthouse News reports Novalogic sent Activision a cease-and-desist letter in May 2011 and a second in December, but both were ignored."

They'll go bankrupt because no one is listening to the complaints.

Dovahkiin3663d ago

Generally something not to be ignored, let's hope this teaches Activision a small lesson.

gtxgamer23663d ago

Damn i miss delta force! use to play that game alllllllll the time

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The story is too old to be commented.