Diablo III -- More Trouble Than It's Worth?

"Reports coming in from all corners of the Internet state that many people are still having issues connecting to Blizzard's forced-DRM-like servers to access even the single-player portions of Diablo III, which was launched at 12 AM this morning. It may just be me, but paying $70 for a single-player game that gives you nothing but an error message when you finally install it and boot it up seems like something that shouldn't be legal."

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cornroves3663d ago

....Come on you weren't expecting a heavily populated game to be perfect in the first day of launch did you? I say have a little only waited 10 years for this, how much worse can a day be?

modesign3663d ago

i bet people that invested in a thousand dollar computer should just chill because blizzard cant get the errors out on day 1. thats real professional.

Baka-akaB3663d ago

you should if you invested that for Diablo , cause it's very idiotic . It's not just for that ? then there you go .

I have issues with the game itself and its changes , the rest is common territory , everyone knew the game's servers would be victims of the success

Nerdmaster3663d ago

Geez, it's getting ridiculous. Are people's lives so empty that they can't wait a couple of days? Everybody knows it's a launch peak and it's going to get better soon.

BushLitter3663d ago

Not having a problem playing, the only problem I'm having is this uneasy feeling that Diablo 2 was better

EditorAtGNG3663d ago

It is fine. Like we haven't really experienced this type of problems with every WoW launch. It is to be expected. What I do find disturbing is the awful lag in the evening hours and the instability of the servers, sometimes costing me ENTIRE hours of progress (also dropping in and out of other player's games)... It is all worth it in the end though ;)