Next-gen “a key part” of THQ’s strategy; publisher prepping early titles

TVGB: "THQ will be bringing its wares to next-gen consoles near or even at launch, the troubled publisher has said. That includes both new properties as well as existing franchises."

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MultiConsoleGamer3661d ago

Saint's Row 4. Next Gen launch title. Believe.

wohoo3660d ago

I don't know.. someone's CV at the studio said SR4 is current gen. Though maybe it'll be both? I guess that's a possibility.

Dovahkiin3660d ago

Neither would surprise me, though I think THQ would go off saints row 3's success to bring another as quickly as possible. I'm just hoping they don't rush it. Saints row 2, in my opinion; was a better game.

theeg3660d ago

as long as next gen consoles get here soon, it's so hard to go from 1080p or higher with 4x-16x AA at 60 frames on pc down to sub-hd and jaggies with bad frames on console

GamingPerson3660d ago

makes me wonder will the new pc standard be 1200p?

Captain Qwark 93660d ago

darksiders 3 next gen.

mind blowing graphics, co-op campaign featuring the last two brothers, even deeper rpg elements, all new story following the events of the first darksiders

just wishing lol prob not gonna happen

Gen0ne3660d ago

I second the Saints Row motion and if you're reading this THQ, let me carry over my character from SR3. I spent so much time crafting her that I can't see playing with another character.

TheModernKamikaze3660d ago

Seems like developers and publishers talk ab.out next gen now... It must be near