Can Blizzard Make Diablo 3 Work on Consoles?

Whether or not you feel that Diablo 3 could work on the console platform, the notion of a killer PC action RPG reaching the consoles could be a defining moment for the gaming industry. Why, you ask? Because its arguable that consoles have missed out on some of the most engaging experiences of the last generation due to the flexibility of the PC platform and the limited nature of console controllers.

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DevilishSix3664d ago

Such a stupid article and topic. Dungeon Siege 3 and Torchlight have been released in the last 12 months and prove Diablo 3 would work just fine with a controller. Problem I see as that the greedy Activision would not want to share any monies from the Auction House with Sony and Microsoft.

This is because Bobby Kotex is scum and I hope he loses 100's of millions from the Zampella, West, Infinity Ward case.

GamingPerson3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

what about the money auction thingy? And There are more things to consider.

This is from an awsome game called Lineage & wouldn't work on consoles.. maybe with ps move though..

xAlmostPro3664d ago could be used. Assassins creeds uses uplay built in, portal 2 uses steamworks, COD uses elite etc etc.

Can't see an auction couldn't be done?

As for controls, D3(as well as previous iterations) can literally be played with one hand 95% of the time lol

Persistantthug3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

controller have 4 shoulder buttons & 4 face buttons....thats 8 buttons

Watch this rocket science:
D PAD UP = 8

32 minimum inputs with a controller.

rocket science, GamingPerson........rocket science.

SP3333D-O3664d ago

Diablo III seems well suited for the iPad!

Ducky3664d ago

I think the first step is getting it to work on PC.

kevnb3664d ago

sure, but of course its better suited to mouse and keyboard and the pc community. I can just hear the xbox live kids yelling racist insults now!

NYC_Gamer3664d ago

Its possible for Blizzard to make D3 work on consoles

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