Nomura on Final Fantasy VII remake

Gematsu: "This week’s Famitsu features retrospectives on Final Fantasy VII and XI. In the Final Fantasy VII feature, character designer Tetsuya Nomura shares his thoughts on the game, a remake, and the series in general."

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Mr_Kuwabara3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

“There are a lot of people who want a remake of Final Fantasy VII. However, new titles take precedence. We work our hardest to make something that might be even better than Final Fantasy VII.” - Nomura

Well said Nomura but this hasn't happened. Not saying that VIII or IX wasn't as good (IMO they were on par) but what SE have been given us so far are mediocre RPGs barring the legendary franchises name. I mean, FFXIV is a failure and it hasn't even showed up on consoles yet.

Give me Versus and I shall decide.

MasFlowKiller3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

The Last FF game i loved was FF9, never got into any of the PS2 FF's

I really hope they improve the JRPG scene, specially cause it been almost non existent this gen

Lucretia3661d ago

ff13-2 is actually really really good. should try it out

christheredhead3661d ago

Did you ever get a chance to play FFX? Thats probably my personal favorite, closely followed by 9.

fuzion17c3661d ago

FF6 should be remade instead of FF7.

crxss3661d ago

I just rewatched Advent Children Complete and IMHO it's just god awful now. I used to kind of like it since i'm a huge FF7 fan. The fights are awesome but the story is just terrible. SE killed the FF7 universe after its original success. A remake would make up for it if they did it right (as in didn't change the story)

RedDead3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Advent was always terrible, the only reason people liked it was because it was FF7. It's jsut not a good movie really, it ****s on FF7 as well and makes cloud an Emo. It's for fans, fans are the only ones who will like it, they'll accept it even though it sucks story wise. It has good action and that's all it's good for.

FF7 is my fav FF btw

DragonKnight3660d ago

@Lucretia: Stop lying about FFXIII-2 every chance you get. You post that exact sentence in every RPG related thread. It's like you've been hired by SE to hype up their unwanted, mediocre sequel to the most atrocious abomination the FF franchise has seen since the original FFII on the NES. XIII-2 is not really really good. You are just setting people up for massive disappointment and creating the potential for negativity in their lives. It has to stop.

ChickeyCantor3660d ago

"Did you ever get a chance to play FFX?"

Characters are terrible, story makes no sense.
No character development ( well a bit, but not enough ).

Obviously people will disagree with me. But hotdamn that game was trash.

thesummerofgeorge3660d ago

IX was the last great FF in my opinion too. I enjoyed some aspects of X, but it just lacked the Final Fantasy feel I'd grown to love. I particularly disliked the god awful voice acting, it was just cringe worthy; with a weak script to boot.

I loved the dialogue bubbles and pre-rendered painting-esque backdrops of VII,VIII and IX. It just gave them an epic, story book like feel, that I didn't get from X. You didn't have to worry about stiff, awkward voice acting ruining the experience. Also it was much more linear than the previous games.

zeeshan3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

New FF games better than FFVII... hmm.... how's that working for ya? /S

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi3661d ago

I agree. Versus will either be the final nail in the coffin or the saving grace of hope for the FF franchise. Personally, I think the game looks great from the little that they've shown. And all the game features he's talked about make it seem like a hit. But we'll never know until it releases. Hopefully, we'll see something good at E3.

Outside_ofthe_Box3661d ago

***"However, new titles take precedence."***

Oh, so that's why FFVS13 isn't being released./s

Persistantthug3660d ago

Squeenix could remake FF7, which is obviously a very popular request, but if they did, Sony would automatically be entitled to their cut if it released in America, and FF7 would cost too much to only release in Japan.

Only EXTREME negotiation would enable an FF7 remake.
Not impossible.....but difficult.

TopDudeMan3660d ago

Hear Hear!

"Well done" is better than "Well said"

They have to pull the finger out.

Drithe3660d ago

I personally think that there is a lot of animosity and between SquareEnix and the creator of FF and, especially, FF7, Hironobu Sakaguchi. He made so many great RPGS. They are having a hard time living up to his legacy, you see, and if they make a FF 7 in THEIR vision it would probably fail, like the last few FF's they have made, and they don't want to take that chance. IF they did and failed, you can bet Sakaguchi would have a smile on his face.

But also, I just think that SE doesn't want anything to do with FF7 also because IT BELONGS TO SONY and they want to put this game on multiple consoles.

I miss the old FF's. Well, actually I don't because I still play them. HA! HA!

Now, what I want is SE to make a Dragon Quest in a real world fantasy type settinig and drop the cartoon crap one time and see how it turns out.

I bet it's simplicity in a grim real setting would rule the world.


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DarkSniper3661d ago

After viewing Final Fantasy Versus footage, it's quite possible that Versus could potentially equal the quality of Final Fantasy VII. Surpassing it is something Dark Sniper won't even speak of, because FF VII is that good.

However, a remake still needs to be done. PlayStation fans has been clamoring for this since the trailer was shown at E3 several years ago. With the great technology available and the resources that Square Enix has, there's no excuse for them to make this attempt.

However, if the quality will not match the original Final Fantasy VII, then perhaps it's best if this classic remains untouched.


Snookies123661d ago

Yeah, I think it was really stupid of them to show that PS3 tech demo of FF7 when the PS3 was coming out if they had no intentions of actually remaking the game... Talk about getting people's hopes up and then acting like we have no reason to get mad when they say they don't want to do it.

Lucretia3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

um, they didnt remake ff6 when they released this tech demo for the n64

so why are people complaining now?

and what about this ff8 tech demo on the ps2?

Snookies123661d ago

@Lucretia - I'd actually never seen either of those. o_o

Were they shown at an E3 as well though? I mean, just having a tech demo is one thing, but showing it at gaming's biggest convention to the whole world would get anyone's hopes up of an actual remake.

3661d ago
MRMagoo1233660d ago


Why in the hell are you TYPING with a speech impediment, why do you keep saying "dis". It is very annoying

user54670073660d ago

They did the same thing for FF8 on the PS2 when they showed the tec demo of the dance scene with Squall and Rinoa.

Jeez...come on Square Enix give us a FF6-9 remake.

I think they should get on with the remakes as soon as next gen starts. Hopefully half way through next gen we'll be up to a FF9 remake.

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The_Devil_Hunter3660d ago

Writing in Third Person? lol What are you the Hulk?


Although annoying, Dark Sniper had been doing this long before the Avengers movie... Differently from this Hulk jokes.

Godmars2903661d ago

I literally have no level of respect whatsoever towards Square or anyone who works for them. At least in Japan - Sorry Eidos.

Stop talking about sh*t you have no intention on working on, and get vs13 out the door.

Killustrious3661d ago

We don't need a FFVII remake on PS3. We need a FFVII remake on the Vita..if Sony was smart, they'd see how well remakes are working for Nintendo on the 3DS. If FFVII was remade on PS Vita, they'd sell MILLIONS. People would literally buy Vita's just to buy FFVII, especially in Japan

WitWolfy3661d ago

Hmmm good point, I might be one of them...

izumo_lee3661d ago

The Squarenix we know now i do not want them to remake a game cherished by so many people, a game that at the time put JRPGs on the map for a lot of gamers. A game that many argue is the greatest game in the series, a game that made many of us stay up for days to complete, a game that introduced so many memorable moments & characters. I can go on forever stating the impact this game has in gaming history but those who were involved in that phenomenon at that time understand where i am coming from.

Sometimes a game should never be remade cause for the most part it will not end up well. Changes will be made for better or worse. Fans will argue & bicker about whatever they feel like arguing over. Eventually we will have these 'Why FF VII should never have been remade' or 'How Squarenix ruined FF VII' articles.

As i was saying the Squarenix we know now do not have the track record to remake a timeless classic or can we trust them on such a huge undertaking.

Eazy-Eman3660d ago

off topic, but is your avatar the main protagonist of Persona 4?

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