Evolution Of The RAGE Engine - The Horse Power Behind Max Payne 3 writes: With Max Payne 3 hitting store shelves tomorrow (or today at MyGames), we thought it would be a good idea to go back and look at the graphics engine that is powering the dark tale of revenge.

Rockstar San Diego released the RAGE Engine in 2006, with the first game powered by the new technology being Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis. The engine was evolved from the Angel Game Engine, which was acquired by the developer for iterations in the Midnight Club series and other ventures.

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Spydiggity3658d ago

It is a REALLY impressive engine.

LOGICWINS3658d ago

It is. You know when theres a close up on the last guy u kill in a gun fight? If u notice, the close up occurs before the bullets even hit the guy. So the engine calculates whether the bullets going in the direction of the last guy are killshots or not...if it is, then the close up on the gory death is triggered. Amazing engine indeed.

Machioto3658d ago

The title is a little confusing,I thought they were Talking about id tech 5.

showtimefolks3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

just finished MP3 yesterday and it looks very good, no slowdowns and there are no loading screens once you in game

overall can't wait to see what RS will be able to deliver with GTA5

gta 4,RDR,MP3 and GTA5 that's what you calling getting your money's worth out of a engine


earlier i thought we would not see anyting antime soon but since E3 is coming up GTA 5 could end at at MS or sony's conference

or if patcher is right a day before E# just to steal the thunder

either way before i thought the game would come out in 2013 but now i have a feeling december 2012 will be it.

either way if they come out in mid 2013 than they will be few months apart from bioshock and if they come out in 2012 they will still be few months apart from bioshock and borderlands 2, tough call but i have a feeling RS wants it out this year

WeskerChildReborned3658d ago

Yea can't wait to see some gameplay for GTA 5 but i'm wondering when they're actually gonna show it? I'm so eager to see what the gameplay look's like.

TheGameFoxJTV3658d ago

E3 is they REALLY want to keep a 2012 release.

theeg3658d ago

wanna see it maxed out on pc, and then the amazing mods that follow

Somebody3657d ago

I'm still determining whether to download the Steam version or the retail version.