E3 Wishlist For The Three Major Players

E3 is fast approaching now, with only three weeks left until the year's biggest and most anticipated video game event. Thousands of video game media, including's own Ben Salter, will pack the Los Angeles convention Center for three days of sheer video gaming chaos.
There will be a lot to take in from the event, but most of the attention will be centered on the three major platform players: Microsoft, Sony and, probably most anticipated, Nintendo.
What we expect to see and what we'd like to see are two very different things. We know we're going to see Halo 4 from Microsoft, The Last Of Us from Sony and Wii U from Nintendo, but the wishlist of things from gamers is much longer than the list of things we're pretty much assured to see.

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MultiConsoleGamer3657d ago

The "Last of Us" is at the top of my list.

I'm also very curious about the controller + kinect hybrid game, Steel Battalion. I have to see how that's going to work out.

This is a great list.