Activision Seeks Delay of $1 Billion ‘Modern Warfare’ Trial

"Activision Blizzard Inc. (ATVI) (ATVI) is seeking to delay a trial against the creators of its blockbuster game “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” to bring in a new lead lawyer as the possible damages it faces have ballooned to $1 billion.", writes BusinessWeek.

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B-Real2063665d ago

I'm pretty sure activision knew the court date was set for the 29th of May. Why would you wait until the 10th of May to hire a lawyer and then ask for an extension?? I think it should be denied. Hasn't this been dragging on for a year already?

zeal0us3665d ago

Activision just buying more time. If Activision can pay ex IW employees 42mil, they should of pay West and Zampella their 36mil. It would be in Activision best interest to end this lawsuit ASAP. Especially since BO2 is only a few months away.

West and Zampella wants 1billion....doubt they will get even close that much.

jjdoyle3665d ago

Depends on contracts. If contract said West and Zampella get certain % of sales profits of Modern Warfare, then perhaps their lawyers know how many units/profits the game made Activision to name that much outright?

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