Tired of Lame Achievements? Help Make Them for Ninja Gaiden 2

Do you find that when you unlock an achievement on the Xbox 360 you get angry at the uninspired achievement art/name/description/lack of gamerscore/difficulty? If so, Gamerscore Blog have the perfect solution for you - help make an achievement for an upcoming Xbox 360 title!

The guys over at Team Ninja are interested in what you would do for an achievement in Ninja Gaiden 2.

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HeavyweightInTheGame3956d ago

Obvious there will be difficulty achievements. But it will be nice to see what some people have in mind.

BLUR1113956d ago

yes good idea, this game will be so awesome

GUNS N SWORDS3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

The harder you make them the lesser people will try. A lot of games are literally killing Achievements.

i probably have only a few suggestions and that is:

SWORDS OF WIND, 50 points- kill 10 people in under 3 moves.

THE DANCING REAPER, 60 points- slice the heads off of 20 enemies with out shedding a drop of blood.

SILENT BUT DEADLY, 80 points- make it through the entire level using nothing but quick kills.

APOCALYPSE, 100 points- kill everyone in the entire level using only one weapon.

iNcRiMiNaTi3956d ago

...that would prolly be impossible knowing ninja gaiden tho

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