PAYDAY: The Heist DLC Tease

Chris writes: "It looks like the PAYDAY has gotten an update to the Steam version and with it is a tease of the upcoming DLC. The “Wolf Pack DLC” will feature Wolf’s personal stash of guns and gear plus 2 additional heists."

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NastyLeftHook03657d ago

the announcements just keep coming.

360GamerFG3657d ago

Really? We are excited about DLC on a pretty meh game?
It's so damn hot... milk
was a bad choice.

guitarded773657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

You didn't like Payday: The Heist? What made it "meh" for you?

Oh, that's right, you didn't play it...

On Topic: Glad to see them supporting the title. Great co-op fun.

DigitalAnalog3656d ago

Better play it on steam, smoother and faster. I can't believe I still have so much fun on a multiplayer.

WeskerChildReborned3657d ago

Meh i quit playing the game a while back and i'm probably not gonna play it again.

gtxgamer23657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )


*Edit* hope it comes to ps3

fourthpersonview3657d ago

This DLC has been late for 10 years!