Capcom reveals Ex Troopers for PS3, 3DS

The latest issue of Famitsu has revealed a new project announcement from Capcom, with a somewhat odd combination of platforms.

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NastyLeftHook03654d ago

Ex Troopers is an action-shooter produced by Shintaro Kojima. Kojima has previously worked on the Monster Hunter franchise.


gtxgamer23654d ago

Thats a weird combination. lol, but yay! another ps3 game

konnerbllb3654d ago

How much on on disc dlc do you think they can cram on the disc?

360GamerFG3654d ago

PS3 exclusive, you're not allowed to be saying such things about them now

--Onilink--3654d ago

its not an exclusive.... exclusive = only on 1 console

PS3 + 3DS = 2 consoles...

just pointing that out..

pwnmaster30003654d ago

Did you change your name lol

Outside_ofthe_Box3654d ago

It's not a PS3 exclusive. It's on the 3DS also. Though I'm not surprised that you would think that considering you think that Witcher 2 is a 360 exclusive...

3654d ago
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