Play Vault Podcast Episode 51: The B1ggest Baddest Daddy Of A Podcast Ever

Play Vault Podcast:

"Hello and welcome to episode 51 of The Play Vault Podcast. Visit us at The Play Vault dot com or tweet us @theplayvault


Playdate: Xbox 360 3pm GMT Sunday 20th May: Halo Reach.

Fifa Pro Team

Play Vault Forums

Games Covered This Week:

*Witcher 2
*Fifa 12
*Prototype 2
*Walking Dead: The Game
*Trials Evolution
*Left 4 Dead
*WWE ‘12
*Wii Talk

News and Topics Covered This Week:

*Skyrim Dawgaurd DLC
*Black Ops 2 Details
*Confirmed Release Date For Grand Theft Auto V
*Sessler leaving G4 TV
*IGN and Jonesy’s Gregg Miller love
*Major Nelson Comes On The Show…Maybe

*We Cover Listener Emails & Tweets

Round Up Shoutouts To:

Spongecake! Ignacio Crimson Knight Román, David Deth, billie hayter hession, andrew gangu, phil and VP, Stu."

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