MVP Wants To Be In WWE '13

Former WWE Superstar MVP asked THQ if there were any chances he might be in WWE '13 as the "fans" wanted it.

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Enmson2803d ago

how did this get aproved when the link is not even working?

Wintersun6162803d ago

Awful lot of crap approved lately. Lots of 1st person descriptions, broken links etc. Those who approve when they shouldn't, should have their contributor status removed.

Back on topic: MVP is lame.

jbl3162802d ago

Link was working fine when I initially uploaded the post. The website must have been down the minute it got approved probably.

yonirz2802d ago

yes yes yes mvp i want you in wwe 13 wwe-we want mvp XD

DJLB21152802d ago

MVP aint lame fool, he is striaght up BALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLINNNNNNNNNNN N

wwefan2798d ago

Fcuk MVP , We Want LITA!!!