New OS (Ubuntu 7.10) on PS3

Today, you will learn how to install Ubuntu Gutsy (as a second operating system) on your PlayStation 3 gaming console. For those of you who think for a second (and who are scared) that this will replace their PS3 operating system, well you guys are wrong, because this will NOT erase your PlayStation 3 native operating system (called XMB) and it will run as an alternative OS on your PS3 console. Ready? Are you excited? Let's go!

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Relcom6005d ago

When using a 2nd OS? Just curious

Relcom6005d ago

Ok thanks, I need to buy a mouse and Keyboard then.

Maddens Raiders6005d ago

but I have to get an external HDD so that I don't vaporize all of my data.

@ relcom- I think it has to do more with a matter of ease to navigate through dialogue boxes more than anything else.

Relcom6005d ago

I see, thanks for the help

neil_19806005d ago

I installed this a few days ago but my wifi wouldnt work with it... heard afew other cases were EU ones had the same problems :(


Or just leave it the way it is .

ELite_Ghost6005d ago

this or Yellow dog? is this one 1080p cause i have a 1080p tv

ELite_Ghost6005d ago

this linux is 1920x1080 right? or is it the same resolution as yellow dog?