Rumors of Delay Plague Brawl, Again

Once again Super Smash Bros Brawl is plagued with rumors of delay. But if this rumor is true, then why?

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YoMeViet3982d ago

didn't know developing for the Wii was so hard..since you don't have to worry bout 720p, 1080p, graphics, physics, etc....what could be talking them?

andygoterps3982d ago

Maybe new(er) online features, but fixing EVERY little bug shouldn't take this long. This better be a damn good game if we have to keep waiting longer!!!

TruthbeTold3982d ago

It's the online issue. They've got to test it with Japan first before the world gets on their servers non-stop.

wiizy3982d ago

its coming out the next couple months. and this game is going to sell like crazy

PSWe603982d ago

Seeing how Nintendo doesn't know Jack about Online gaming, I bet that's probably what's keeping this title.
Rest easy fanboys; you'll get your semi annual good game soon enough