Capcom To Have No Playable Nintendo Games at E3 2012

"There will be no Street Fighting or Resident Eviling on Wii U or 3DS this E3.
Capcom won't have any games for Nintendo's systems playable at E3 2012, a company representative told us earlier today.", writes NintendoWorldReport.

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DarkSniper3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

This is unfortunate news for Nintendo fans looking forward to the next wave of "next generation" titles by Capcom.


JakemanPS319943656d ago

i expect capcom to announce a resident evil and lost planet game for the vita during Sony's E3.

deno3656d ago

Timing isn't right that's all.

--Onilink--3656d ago

meh... its not like im gonna be at E3 anyway... so long as we get some nice MH4 trailer and MH3G announced for America during the conference i wont mind. It certainly wouldnt hurt to hear RE6 is coming to WiiU but i doubt it...

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