Diablo III emergency server maintenance extended on launch day

Diablo III's launch day woes continue, with Blizzard pulling all of the North American servers offline for "emergency maintenance."

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Tolkoto3654d ago

Makes me feel better that I don't have this game yet.

StayStatic3654d ago

This doesn't explain why it has not arrived in the post yet /angrymob

Brawler3654d ago

that feel when we cant login and extended for another 30 mins.........

Brawler3654d ago

ohh wait its now another 1hour lulz

FlashXIII3654d ago

Love the article picture!

DarthJay3654d ago

This is an absolute joke. I feel bad for Diablo fans. I really do. I bought the game because I had $45 in gift cards at Target and have been playing Max Payne 3 instead, but I got home and tried to log on for the first time at 11AM EST and it is now 4:56 PM EST and I still have yet to be able to play my game.

A single player game.


There are no excuses for this. There is no reason I should need to give a crap about their servers to play a single player game. If the group play is down, fine, no big deal, I get it. But the single player?

All I can think of is the real fans (I've never played Diablo other than the beta so I am not claiming to be one) who probably took the day off from work to sit around and play it all day and have had most of their day ruined by what should never, ever, ever happen when you buy a product off a shelf on release day and try to play it.

jukins3654d ago

I feel sorry for anyone who didnt anticipate something like this happening. pretty much any online game has issues at launch. but something like diablo III with its huge fanfare regardless of blizzards experience, was bound to have issues.

FlashXIII3654d ago

The main complaint here is the fact that Diablo 3 isn't just an online game.. while online is obviously a huge part of the game, there is a perfectly good offline single player game that people who paid money should still be able to access.

jukins3654d ago

its been known for awhile now that you would need to be connected to blizzard to play even the single player. its not like single players are getting shafted more than online players. just spoiled gamers expecting everything under the sun to work how they want when they want. im not defending blizzard but facts are facts.

StayStatic3654d ago

Agreed , even Starcraft 2 had the same problem which had an excellent single player.

When that was released i had just moved house and had no internet for 2 weeks and no way to activate in my current situation / location , it was a nightmare.

evercast3654d ago

@Jukins I'm a spoiled gamer because I want to play the game I paid 60$ for? I don't understand. If this was LoL and I was whining sure. That is a free to play game but I paid for this and we aren't getting what we paid for.

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