TMHO Extra Twisted Edition: But Wait… There's More

David Jaffe, Co-Founder of Eat Sleep Play, details the extras of Twisted Metal:Head On-Extra Twisted Edition on the PlayStation.Blog:

"When we were first starting Twisted Metal:Head On-Extra Twisted Edition, one of the major goals was to cram the game with so many exciting features that players would know right away that this was so much more than a simple port. We wanted people to flip the game box over and be floored by how much cool stuff was inside. I love it when I buy a game or DVD and the thing almost FEELS heavier because it's just stuffed with features and bonus content. And that's the experience we've tried to deliver to folks who pick up our new game. Just check out what this thing has."

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thedude176553956d ago

tooth. aw weak joke, but still, i hope its as good as Twisted Metal 2

Kirstenlottesovs3956d ago

This package is just incredible, The game itself is worth $20, plus you get all these random features, its just an awesome package.

Iamback3956d ago

Even if you are not interested in game, it is nice to have it as collectable with all that stuff. 20 bucks is nothing

Kleptic3956d ago

can't wait for the series (minuss III and IV of course)...

I just really hope they work on a full blown PS3 twisted metal game...with online (TM black online actually wasn't that bad, it was just no one played it)...

day 1 purchase for sure...ha I was ready to plunk 50 on this, never owned the PSP game...and needed this to complete the collection...

BestGamerAlive3956d ago

it will b the best yet with the power of the cell the possibilitys are endless