U.S. PlayStation Store Update - May 15, 2012

+ Posted by Grace Chen // Director, PlayStation Store:

Hi Everyone -
Our friends at Q Games are excited to deliver their latest PSN experience: PixelJunk 4am! This one-of-a-kind music creation tool lets you perform, create and share; all with subtle motions with the PlayStation Move.

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Emilio_Estevez3665d ago

Super early today....Is hell frozen over? Usually it's after dinner for me, haven't even left work yet!

Y_51503665d ago

I'm hoping that PixelJunk game sale is not ending today! I still need to get on that deal!

Parapraxis3665d ago

Was planning on picking up Rayman Origins on sale...but apparently it might not happen =(

TheLastGuardian3665d ago

Thtat's too bad. I was hoping alot of people would take advantage of that deal. Everyone needs to play Rayman Origins. Just buy a hard copy, it's totally worth whatever the price is.

3665d ago
nevin13665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

I'll try Batman: AC

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