Diablo III's "Error 37" sends Internet into meme-making tizzy

"Error 37" got you down? You're not alone. Here is just a sample of some of the memes making their way onto the Internet from frustrated Diablo III fans.

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Syko3657d ago

"Makes literally Millions off of Diablo III Preorders.

Blizzard Blows money on Hookers and Blow instead of login servers."


Tony-Red-Grave3657d ago

wouldn't you? i know i would. Then spend the rest on a cure for AIDs

MeatAbstract3657d ago

Some of these were great.

But on the issue itself, every time a huge online game is released, developers should anticipate this. Blizzard are prepared when a new WoW expansion is released, so why not Diablo III? All they did was say "Could you like...NOT login on launch day? Thanks!". They should of been better prepared.

Sadie21003657d ago

I'm not sure I understand the hamster gif. I feel dumb for needing someone to explain it to me. But it's adorable!