Team Fortress 2: Badlands Preview by Shacknews

Last week, Shack lackeys Chris Faylor and Aaron Linde made the trek to esteemed developer Valve to check out the upcoming Badlands map for Team Fortress 2. As longtime FPS gamers will recall, Badlands was present in Team Fortress Classic -- it is being developed for TF2 in a considerably reworked form.

Badlands, one of two new maps on the way for TF2, will follow some other notable changes to the game, some of which are not yet detailed. It has not yet been confirmed whether the maps will hit the console versions of TF2.

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solar3934d ago

woot! never played TF:1 but TF:2 is so great. glad to see more maps coming our way. and i played the TF:2 version of rats yesturday. ah the good ol days.