Xbox Live Update: Week Of May 15th, 2012 – Sonic 4: Episode 2, Max Payne 3 Season Pass

This week sees the release of 3 different XBLA titles, with the biggest entry being Sonic 4: Episode 2 for $15. On the DLC side, you can pick up the Max Payne 3 Season Pass for $30, which gives you $45 worth of content.

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BringingTheThunder3664d ago

especially since it will be a short game.

TrendyGamers3664d ago

Not sure if I want to pick up Dragon's Lair, I already own it on so many other devices.

Captain Qwark 93664d ago

damn 1200????? still ill bite. sonic it is

BubloZX3664d ago

this sonic won't disapoint. Its far better then then the last episode. It plays just like the old days. Oh and Super Sonic looks like SSJ2 Gohan lmao. He's got the Golden Aura and cracking lighting around him now.

Captain Qwark 93663d ago

thats good to hear, ill be picking it up on xbl today and taking a break from minecraft so it better be damn good lol

im an old school gamer though so im sure it will be great. classic sonic is pretty special to me

BubloZX3663d ago

It's even got a co-op mode too. I didn't like that because you and the other player are bound together. They should have done split screen with that.