Why Hardcore Elder Scrolls Fans Won't Enjoy The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scolls online is sounding more and more like World of Warcraft and less like The Elder Scrolls source material. Are hardcore fans of the single player series going to embrace an MMO so unlike the original experiences?

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jimineyscrickets3665d ago

After reading the story I have to say I am a little scared. I am sad to see the first person perspective disappear and the new, more WoW art style is a bit of a let down. The gritty realism of otherwise fantastical settings is what made the games in the single player series so awesome.

sphinct3665d ago

While I think people feel apprehensive for good reason - and the story raises some good questions - let's not pass too much judgment until the world has been able to play the game a bit.

AIndoria3665d ago

Still, an Elder Scrolls MMO? Sounds...wrong. I know I might get hated for this, but I don't see how it will be successful.

gameplayingfool3665d ago

It already reeks of generic MMO interface, perspective, and art style. That makes me want to shed tears.

AIndoria3665d ago

I am not a big fan of the decision to create an Elder Scrolls MMO, to be honest. I just don’t see how it would work. Even if it did, it would just ruin the experience of what we know as the Elder Scrolls universe.

Lex Luthor3665d ago

They should have just made skyrim online.

Bigpappy3665d ago

I don't play MMO's due to my refusal to play sub fees. But I would not mind a co-op mode with the difficulty ramped up, with DIDO (Drop-in/Drop-out) funtionality. The story could be lead by the host, and if he drops out, the person with the next highest time would become the host.

I do hope the MMO does well, but not so well that they move on from the single player.

pangitkqb3665d ago

I completely agree with you. The idea should have been to bring multiplayer to the Elder Scrolls, not bring the Elder Scrolls to standard MMO operating.

DA_SHREDDER3665d ago

I just don't see why they don't just keep everything the way it is, but collaborate everything into one tight little package? It doesn't even have to be an MMO. I'd be fine with just adding multiplayer to the single player experience. Also, They are calling it Elder Scrolls but I can't even play first person view? This is not a real elder scrolls game then.

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