GCN Gives 8.5/10 To Sonic Riders - Zero Gravity

Aaron Espinoza(GCN writer):

"Sonic is back on his Extreme Gear and ready to show off his signature speed in his newest game, Sonic Riders Zero Gravity. Sonic Riders Zero Gravity redefines gravity in a whole new way, but can the power to minipulate gravity make this game good or a fluke?"

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Relcom3933d ago

A good Sonic game, Where have you in forever. I missed you so much

ChickeyCantor3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

hope that was sarcasm....its sonic alright but not a platformer...its a damn racer T_T.

8.5? they must have liked it, i didnt liked the first one...ill give this one a go then

wiizy3933d ago

nice.. this game must be decent.. a good sonic game