Diablo 3: Risky Business

With the now-infamous, "Error 37" plaguing gamers throughout the morning hours, the positive review of the newest addition to the Diablo franchise may swing in the balance in the minds of many fans and customers.

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kdogdaddy3665d ago

Why can they NOT just have an offline, singleplayer mode as in the last two preceding titles?

RageQuitRebels3665d ago

It would appear to be an easy addition, except for the changing landscape of the gaming industry.

Saladfax3665d ago

It's a very simple equation for them. They're expecting the Real Money Auction House to bring in a huge amount of money, so they're requiring always-online play as a way of pushing it to all of their players.

They easily could have crafted server capacity to ride this massive wave of trouble. However, it was yet another simple choice for them to say whatever negative PR they get for this mess holds less cost than having too much extra server capacity.

Ps3-PCgamer3665d ago

Not only that but I think the whole game is randomized so I think it has to online. To create new dungeons so no game is the same I think that people will need to be connected to the internet for that. I think

v1c1ous3665d ago

uhh...random dungeon generators have been in offline games for a long time brother. you don't need the internet for that.

pr0digyZA3665d ago

Nah, alot of the assets are on their side. I believe this also helps stop piracy as the only way to get the game working with crack would be to get private servers and that's going to take a while. And in that time quite a few pirates will give in and buy. Randomizing is done on their side, but you don't need them to do it, its just another reason they want you to connect to them. Unfortunately I can see future PC games doing this sort of system (not Ubisoft kind of always on internet as that didnt have some of the game on their servers and xould be cracked because of it.)

Syko3665d ago

The Main reason is the Item duping and hacking...Anyone who played D II knows how wide spread and rampant it was. That cheapens the game faster than anything so if I have to pay the always online price so be it. My PC is always hooked up, but obviously with the server issues and not being able to even play a single player offline game you see the MAJOR drawbacks to something that could eventually make the game better than Diablo II. Always Online, Double Edge Sword at it's core.

RageQuitRebels3665d ago

I have to agree with you here. Only time will tell if the pro's will outweigh the cons of the implemented system.