Capcom: sales of Street Fighter x Tekken "have fallen short of our plan"

Are the wheels once again coming off the fighting game genre? Capcom today said sales of Street Fighter x Tekken were not up to scratch.

Street Fighter X Tekken has shifted 1.4 million copies since its launch back in March. This, Capcom said today, meant sales "have fallen short of our plan".

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Yi-Long3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

... cause gamers are catching on and are starting to refuse to buy an incomplete Capcom game on day 1, cause they know Capcom will be nickel-and-diming them!

You deserve this, Capcom! You brought this upon yourself!

dark-hollow3657d ago

i am afraid that capcoms greedy practices have less to do with the lower than expectations sales of SFXT.

lets see how much a higher profile game gonna sell like RE 6 before celebrating.

Yi-Long3657d ago

... also, Resident Evil is one of those classic series that has a loyal fanbase, although the slightly disappointing RE5 might have decreased that fanbase a little bit.

Personally, I certainly won't be buying RE6, for the known reasons of DLC-milking we have come to expect from Capcom.

zeeshan3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Yi-Long: Slightly disappointing? What, are you crazy? I'd settle for slight disappointment any day. RE5 was a major FAIL and not a disappointment. It was ANYTHING but an RE game.

Ontopic: I don't think that it's the fighting game genre. It's two things. One, kids these days don't feel interested in other games if you can't blow shit up. Secondly, Capcom's shady tactics and SF milking must have also prevented high figure sales.

MK9 proved that if you have can deliver a game that's worth playing and even if the fan following as somehow declined, they will buy the game. MK9 sold very well and it was only because that game was worth purchasing and thankfully, they didn't milk it like Capcom keeps milking their franchises and turning gold into dust. If they were to announce MK10, I'd jump on it!

MaxXAttaxX3657d ago

I hate how Capcom thinks that Operation Raccoon City was good.

Kurt Russell3656d ago

I dunno, I for one want SFxT - I am just not willing to buy it with content lock, so they lost a sale here. This goes for any game by any company with the same... I'm just done with them taking the piss.

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Elimin83657d ago

That and I think guys like me who are waiting on T X SF instead!

Omnislash3657d ago

As much as I agree with you, I dont think the greed was what got them the short sales. I think fighting games are dying out again. SFxT sucks, its basically copy paste SF4 with new mechanics, theres not even that many new SF characters in it and the game doesnt cater to Tekken players at all.

ritsuka6663657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Meanwhile, Capcom said the success of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, which has shipped two million units, justified its decision to draft in Canadian studio Slant Six games for development work.

"This shows the success of our decision to try the new approach of using an alliance with an overseas development company," Capcom said. "

BULLSHIT! Anyway, i have more hope in gamers after this...

MrMister3657d ago

YEAH, fighting games are STILL hot, and haven't faltered yet. Look at how many hits that Virtua fighter 5 Final Showdown game got simply for just announcing it's release date. That game was not even marketed or advertised, and yet tons of people will be getting it on PSN and Live. If a game that combined the hottest fighting franchises (SF and Tekken) could not sell alot, than maybe it has a lot to do with Capcom's shady DLC-on-Disk fiasco. Hopw dare the author look past that and assume that it's because fighting games are less popular somehow. People decided enough is enough. VF 5 FS; Skull girls; Street Fighter 3 third strike online (ironically by capcom, i know); Dead or Alive 5, and Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal are all fighting games where money would be better spent. Fact(Plus SF x Tekken was just not all that balanced of a game).

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Frankfurt3657d ago

1.4 million SHIPPED, not sold.

jimbobwahey3657d ago

Shipped is sold.

Anyways, gotta say that I'm glad to see gamers voting with their wallets. What's the bet however that Capcom blames everything else other than their own greed and DLC abuse for this?

STONEY43657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Publishers don't ship without the retailer paying them for the copies. Therefore, shipped is sold. Nobody tracks actual "sales" numbers, since it would be almost impossible to organize with each individual store, and it doesn't matter at all to the publisher.

Kamikaze1353657d ago

I along with several people refused to buy it because of their greed with DLC. Hopefully Tekken x Street Fighter won't turn out the same way.

lodossrage3657d ago

Well Capcom doesn't have the main control over that version. Namco already said they had no intention of doing things the way Capcom did in terms of dlc with it. But time will tell.

jc485733657d ago

He believes that characters should never come in the form of dlc, especially in fighting games. If it's a fan service stuff, then would probably release them as dlc at a small cost. He also clarified that if he did plan some characters to be dlc, they would be bonus for people that preordered the game. They will still be free "later," but it only means you have to wait a little longer to download them.

Godmars2903657d ago

So if a "small vocal minority" complains about a company's business practices while sales drop correspondingly, what are the chances they'll get the hint that said minority might not be as small as they think?

KwietStorm_BLM3657d ago

It depends really. There are a lot of people who were never fond of SFxTk to begin with. The sales could easily reflect that vs the crowd that hates everything Capcom. I'm sure as hell not supporting their practices, but I would personally have to wait and see if this is a sign of things to come or just a sign that the interest for this one game fell short.

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