[Street Fighter IV] Europe's Strongest Ibuki players Fight For The Queen!

Europe's Strongest Ibuki players Fight For The Queen! WW.MCZ | F-Word (Ibuki) vs. Izuna (Ibuki)

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jthamind2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

A wild Sakonoko appears!

Sakonoko used JAPANESE PLAYER.

It's super effective!

killerhog2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

Man that was boring stopped after the first fight. Izuna was just spammig the same moves over-and-over, yet the other dude was oblivious to it and kept getting caught? Talk about not knowing your own suppose character. When my brother fights other goukis (sf) and kings (tekken) he at least knows how they fight/play and counters as well as tries the harder stuff to catch the other person off guard. In other words tries other things and/or mixes them up. This fight was just spam this combo, if he blocks spam this punch or kick, if they block again spam this combo again, if they block dash forward, and repeat as here and there they throw some of those shurikens. The other dude was just horrible. I mean really, ya spamming the same sh*t and you can't counter or catch on to the other person play style?

Man Evo last year was lame because of this, even the commentators insinuated that when everyone just kept spammig moves and certain characters over-and-over. Loved the non-stop fat guy fights in evo last year for tekken.

It's why I only watch certain players, play fighting games, the ones like my brother who knows how other characters (along with their own) play and counters as well as does different things, like combos, moves/counters for different situations. I can't stop saying it, but that fight was lame.

I just feel that, if that was anyone else Izuna was playing against, he would lose, as a more experience player would of catched on to that. Izuna pretty much demonstrated the types of easy wins my bro loves getting. People who rely to heavily on specific combos or juggling.

killerhog2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

But I'll give respect, where respect is do. I will probably watch the rest of the vid later on but as of what I did watch, the other dude should of been prepared. I mean you're fighting yourself basically, know your character lol.

Well I saw the rest. There were rounds where the other person was cognizant of inzuna play style (it only took him a humiliating first fight lost huh?), so the fights lasted longer and wasnt a blowout. but it was still the same move/combo spamming rounds and inzuna had lots of rounds where he won just sticking to those specific things. Overall it was okay.

PrettyinPurple2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

I suggest you watch the Embedded video and see if that changes your mind.