Korean Actress Lee Ji Ah to Model for "Diablo 3"

Korean actress Lee Ji Ah will model for the upcoming Blizzard computer game “Diablo 3.” Besides Lee Ji Ah, the producer Yoon Il Sang, and Leessang will also be models for the upcoming game.

Blizzard Korea stated, “We wanted to choose models that would give more credibility to the testimonial clip. That is why when we chose models we looked for people that were actual fans of the Diablo series.”

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Eazy-Eman3656d ago

Is it me or does Blizzard have some sort of Korean fetish?

The Great Melon3656d ago

The opposite might be more true. Koreans have a Blizzard fetish.

ATi_Elite3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Other way around

Starcraft is South Korea's Official National Sport/Game!!

Blizzard is just catering to it's biggest audience like a good company should.

stuntman_mike3656d ago

korea loves MMO's and blizzard has the most popular ones so it makes sense in a business way.

also i would...