Diablo 3 Errors Code Fixes, Crashes and Freezes

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adorie3655d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

Turn on some more servers and smash the bugs, please.

12:07pm PST:
Authenticating. (American Servers)

I was having issues with retrieving my characters earlier but soon after I was able to play the game. Hopefully we see a repeat of earlier.

jimineyscrickets3654d ago

I thought they stress-tested this? Apparently not enough.

BushLitter3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

After purchasing the game I had no problem, managed to progress to level 12 wizard. Took a break and can't logon - so I decided to change the server to Asia (previously on Europe) and see what happens. It actually logged in instantly BUT my level 12 character is gone! Changed the server back to europe and have the logging in problem again. Does anyone know if your characters get saved to a particular server?? I'm hoping that's the case

@Daver - does this mean i'm locked out of Europe's servers now?

Daver3654d ago


Not sure but I think Blizzard said choose your region wisely at first because you wont be able to switch and then they will open them

pr0digyZA3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

Your characters are saved to a specific region server so you can either start again on Asia server. Or continue from the European server. Hope it gets sorted for everyone as it is a great game.

sovietsoldier3654d ago

cant even log in to play. starting to wish i never bought this game.

Kos-Mos3654d ago

After clicking your way through three hours of this game you will probably be bored.

OmegaSaiyanX3654d ago

This game works perfectly with the clicking if it wasnt great as a game we wouldnt be on Diablo 3.

FlashXIII3654d ago

Pretty pathetic when day 1 of a game release and you can't even play it. To make it worse the game should in theory be playable offline but nope gotta connect to the shitty blizzard servers due to the AH and probably some BS about piracy. O well brb off to make a new Kotick voodoo doll to torture.

Syko3654d ago

My Pre-Order Money did not reinforce the Servers...This much I know is Fact.