Diablo III: Blizzard "surprised" how long it took to be good enough

Diablo III director Jay Wilson says he was “surprised” how long it took for Blizzard to reach the high quality required of their long-awaited RPG sequel.

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Waddy1013666d ago

I really want to play this, but at the same time i don't because of all the issues.

pr0digyZA3665d ago

Im wondering if it depends on the server. Because The Europe servers (that Ive been on) seem better as a lot less people are being disconnected. In fact I havnt been disconnected or had trouble logging in, in the couple of hours ive played. I think the main problem was an 1 hour or 2 after it launched.

catfrog3665d ago

definitely depends on servers, euro servers generally dont have to communicate with NA servers for people to play a game, each region will have their own server problems.

rawrockkillz3665d ago

I was able to play for 3 hours last night. This game is amazing!

brish3665d ago

I heard the error37 boss fight is insane!

A lot of people couldn't get past it.

dreamtheater873665d ago

I can honestly say I haven't experienced a single hiccup and neither have any of my mates.

OmegaSaiyanX3665d ago

really surprised that we are getting error messages found from the beta *rolls eyes*