'Diablo' on consoles won't be a "simple port", says Blizzard

Diablo on consoles wouldn't be a "simple port", Blizzard has said.

Lead technical artist Julian Love and senior world designer Leonard Boyarsky told Digital Spy that the publisher is interested in bringing it to other platforms because they can make it "fit" for the platform more than any other of its games.

"The biggest interest for us for exploring consoles, and why we're exploring it, is we feel that it's something that we can do more than a job than just porting," said Love.

"One, we think it's playable there, and that we can make it playable there, make it fit and feel like a console game."

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NukaCola3666d ago

Is it going to be put on console or not?

Titanz3666d ago

Imagine this title in tandem with the DRC controller (Wii Upad).

It's interesting.

Laxman3666d ago

Would be brilliant with the Wii-U pad! Really looking forward to seeing what cool things innovative devs do with that controller. The possibilities for good tactical/strategy games is pretty wild too, I think.

WeskerChildReborned3665d ago

I think it will work on Wii U more than 360 or PS3. Not sure how hard it will be to port it but Wii U is more up to date than 360 and PS3 so it should be easier but we don't really know the specs of the Wii U.

gameplayingfool3665d ago


Well said. Is it happening or not?

Jonmau53666d ago

I can only keep my fingers crossed that somehow and some way Diablo 3 can find it's way to be ported to Xbox 360 or PS3.

joab7773665d ago

Or next gen. I cant imagine it to be too hard to port to next gen console and have it ready for launch.

Arnon3665d ago

Yeah because even though Diablo 3 isn't exactly a demanding game for current hardware, it still requires at least a gig of RAM to run sufficiently, and I know it would be somewhat dumbed down for a port, but why make it then? It needs to be seen for what it is lol.

sovietsoldier3665d ago

yes its not easy when you cant even get the pc version playing correctly at the moment. console would be nice tho.

pr0digyZA3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

They could easily port it.

Edit: had this before then removed it meant to be for Syko but ill put it back in for context my bad:)

Woah! are you still having issues logging in?

sovietsoldier3665d ago

yes cant log in and it pisses me off i pay for a game i cant play. there not even a offline mode for single player.

Syko3665d ago

Let's just pray the Servers are worked out by then...

I'd rather be looting, but here I am commenting on N4G. Thanks Blizzard.

/Resume Fetal Position

pr0digyZA3665d ago

Woah! are you still having issues logging in?

Syko3665d ago

Yes Sir, Currently Rocking a "Error 33" BattleNET Servers down for maintenance.

Blizzard says they will be up by 1:30...Hence the Fetal Position, lol

pr0digyZA3665d ago

Hopefully maintenance means more servers then.

OmegaSaiyanX3665d ago

If The Witcher 2 can be put on the Xbox 360 and plays perfectly then I dont see how a game that needs only 1 button pressing most of the time would be difficult they could just do a port as the graphics arent that demanding at all either.

Kingscorpion19813665d ago

1 button press that's funny! :)

sloth33953665d ago

diablo 1 worked good on the ps1 so I dont see how they wouldn't be able to get diablo 3 to work good when DCUO works good on the ps3

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The story is too old to be commented.