Seriously Everyone, Don't Buy The 360's HD DVD Add-on

Kotaku writes: "Transforming from my week with Gizmodo covering CES, I bring a little perspective from the buzz of the CES press rooms, several high ranking media journalists and at least one adult film director of the year: HD DVD really is dead. Microsoft may not be going Blu-ray just yet, but Warner is gone from HD DVD and it really will cause a ripple through the industry".

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Joey Gladstone5433d ago (Edited 5433d ago )

.."The JOEY has Spoken"

TheTwelve5433d ago

Dang...I thought Kotaku was anti-Sony. Hmmm.


InMyOpinion5433d ago (Edited 5433d ago )

All sites are anti-Sony as long as they don't post good news concerning Sony and their consoles. The fact that 2007 wasn't a great year for Sony and the PS3 has nothing to do with it at all...

HD-DVD is t3h d34dz0rz.

VirusE5433d ago

The joey i have you to suffer through you so you must be new. Nice bubble count.

"Dang...I thought Kotaku was anti-Sony. Hmmm. "

well said.

solar5433d ago

holy crap. best avatar ive seen all week. full house baby! lmao!

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kingofps35433d ago

Pay attention to Kotaku kids. Don't do HD-DVD.

MailMan5433d ago

Since Xbots LACK common sense,it comes as no SURPRISE that they are still SUPPORTING HD DVD,a DEAD format.

But at the same time,Xbots also support their DEAD consoles and the accompanying Online service that's DYING.

Jump OUT and Play B3YOND

NRG5433d ago

I need to use CAPS because I don't know how to add EMPHASIS to my post any other way. If I DON'T, I fear people will not take me SERIOUSLY. Oh wait...

UnblessedSoul5433d ago

Idiots will still buy it from their clearance sale LOL

nicholascage245433d ago

But the numbers would still be very minute.

I mean most xbox 360 owners have already seen the results. They might go for DD or Blu-Ray .

It is unlikely that any xbox 360 owner would be that foolish to buy an obsolete add-on

Primetimebt5433d ago

They were foolish to buy a console with the average life span of 2 month so what make you think buying an dead HD DVD add on would be any different?

Chubear5432d ago (Edited 5432d ago )

oh very well said and very true. I mean, look at the next main post.

Eamon5433d ago (Edited 5433d ago )

seriously, wouldn't have Warner started to make revenue out of the HD market a lot quicker with HD DVD than with Blu-Ray.

I am not against Blu-Ray. I actually like it more than HD DVD because it has greater capacity.

It's just when looking at it from Warner's view, it would have been more advantageous for them to back HD DVD.

Oh well. At least now the clear winner is emerging and maybe I can finally get a HD movie player. w00t

Edit: The reason why I think it would sell more on HD DVD is because of the price. Blu-Ray's price won't drop to the affordable price till very late 2008 and maybe 2009. HD DVD is already cheap and can grab consumer attention.

nicholascage245433d ago

Transformers HD DVD couldnt encode HD audio due to lack of space. although i dont know to what extent that claim is valid.

the holiday purchase pattern influenced Warner's decision too. NPD reported that Blu-ray standalone players outsold HD DVD standalone players for the month of December in 2007.

I think that is what cuased Warner's to defect to Blu Ray exclusivity

AceLuby5433d ago

with your logic is that all those sub $200 and $100 HD-DVD players were all sold FAR under cost and can't be sold for that little for longer than a single sale. Look at any non-Toshiba HD-DVD player. They are still in the $399 range and there are only 2 companies other than Toshiba making standalone players. IMO HD-DVD was going to 'consistently' sell at those prices roughly the same time that blu consistently were at that price.

The reason Toshiba could do that was that there isn't much competition to undercut. The cheapest BR player is Samsung ($299) w/ most players about the same cost as a PS3. The reason Warner went over is that BR discs outsell their HD-DVD counterparts, sales are stifling w/out a single HD format, and despite the 'firesales' that Toshiba has been trying to orchestrate, sales on both the disc side and the player side is far in blu's favor. If blu is the single next gen format then sales for just BR will overshadow sales of BR + HD w/ two formats as more people will be willing to upgrade w/ only one format.

InMyOpinion5433d ago (Edited 5433d ago )

Warner got payed, remember? =)

*edit* I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it. That's how it works and Warner would probably have gone with Blu-Ray anyways since it was the winning format.

@Adamalicious - "Warner Home Entertainment President Kevin Tsujihara says the studio took no pay-offs to exclusively back Blu-ray. "

"Warner Home Entertainment President Kevin Tsujihara says..."
C'mon man. What else can he say? He would be THE last person on earth to admit it. The fact that he counter-comments on the whole thing just makes it seem more suspicious.

Eamon5433d ago

@AceLuby: F00|! It's obvious that the real Blu-Ray sales will "rise" like hell once it becomes the default HD format. The same "logic" could apply to HD DVD. Only I said, that, HD DVD's "rise" will start before Blu-Ray's "rise."

@Jenzo: Maybe they did, but at least the sum would last them until Blu-Ray's "rise."


Adamalicious5433d ago (Edited 5433d ago )


<qft>Warner Home Entertainment President Kevin Tsujihara says the studio took no pay-offs to exclusively back Blu-ray.

In a post-announcement conference call, Tsujihara flatly denied rumors that studio had accepted anywhere from 250M to $500M in exchange for dropping its HD DVD format support.
According to the exec, Warner's sole motivation in dropping its HD DVD format support was to ensure growth of the "category" and the long-term health of the industry.

"The packaged media business is a $42 billion dollar business worldwide at the retail level, and we [Warner] have the largest market share of anybody," said Tsujihara. "From our perspective, the most important piece of this whole puzzle is, "How do we get growth back into this category?" That far outweighed anything else."
This [decision] was one hundred percent around what makes the most sense for the consumer, the retailer and the industry. This was not a bidding war. This was all about what was best, strategically, for us." </qft>

LJWooly5433d ago (Edited 5433d ago )

So what if Warner got paid? Paramount got paid to stick with HD-DVD, only difference is that Warner's backing the winner.

Besides, I thought warner chose Blu Ray due the sales of Blu-ray standalone players.

undacovabrothe5433d ago

No Warner is looking at the bigger picture here. If there are 2 formats consumers will hault buying 1 of the 2 since they either dont know whats better or which format will last. Warner quickly ending the battle makes consumers more confident in their purchase increasing revenue for them.


Warner might make some money of HD-DVD, but remember the main reason, and only reason, is that Warner is not stupid. If they join the HD-DVD side, the format war will keep all the potential consumers away from adopting new a format at all. So Warner decide to kill of a format, and they pick HD-DVD.

ravinash5432d ago

Price makes no difference if no one is buying it.
Blue ray was outselling HD-DVD all around the world 2:1 in US and 9:1 in japan, and this was before warner went BlueRay.
If warner wants to make money, they needed to kill off the media war as soon as possible so people will start coming over to the HD format.
Go HD-DVD would have split the market down the middle and there would be no end in sight. But going BlueRay, you can already see the results and now its just a matter of time before the other studios come over as no one will be able to play their films.

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BigKev455433d ago

I brought the HD DVD add on when it first came out, well at least I also have a PS3.

shelbygt335433d ago

I also have the add-on as well as a ps3. I'll be enjoying my HD-DVD's until the drive craps out. Considering that I own about 7 movies, and rented a whole HECK of a lot more over the last year or so, I feel as though I got my money's worth.