Sniper Elite V2 - Review [UpperPad]

How many times during a shooting, we had to break down all the air out of the Hollywood scene as a hero of the 80, leaving behind the fire, flames and lots of adrenaline. With time, however, we players have learned to appreciate the good old stealth tactic, perhaps accompanied by some fine marksmanship. Thanks to this trend further reasoned action has had several moments of glory and not a few games that the infiltration of their real reason for existence. Definitely not, however, are the games that have focused their attention on the dirty work of the sniper. One of the best exponents of this kind rather mistreated Sniper Elite is the first released in 2005 by the Rebellion. The product was certainly not perfect, but allowed to relive the last moments of WWII through the eyes, and especially the sight of a sniper.

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AIndoria3659d ago

Gotta say, really excited for this game. Stealth+Sniping=WIN!