Users getting Diablo 3 error code 37

Product-Reviews writes: The moment has finally arrived for Diablo fans. Diablo III is now available to buy and play but unfortunately and perhaps unsurprisingly, Blizzard is having trouble keeping their servers stable due to the sheer demand from eager players. Error code 37 seems to be the issue that is occurring the most frequently for players.

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danswayuk3659d ago

Yea I've had this error, but I expected teething problems with Diablo 3 right after launch.

GrieverSoul3659d ago

Although I agree with you, its still annoying this is happenning. This is the reason why Always Online is a bad thing for us consumers. Dont get me wrong, Diablo 3 as all Blizzard games are EPIC but when an single player game cant be played without an internet connection then something in gaming is wrong.

But its just my opinion.

reznik_zerosum3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

i bet pirate version will not have error 3007 3006 or whatever,nice way to fight pirates

kevnb3659d ago

no matter how you look at it, its not a single player game. You can solo, but thats the same as any online rpg.

Cyb3r3659d ago

Yeah but that dosnt excuse the fact that Blizzard fucked up


New this was going to happen. They didn't stress those servers enough.

DarthJay3659d ago

Not like they haven't had 10 years to figure it out.

"Holy crap guys, do you wonder if a crapload of people may try to play this all at once on release day?"

Nah... that neeeeeeeeeeeeeever happens.

RankFTW3659d ago

I had error 33, 37, 46, 75 and even 315300. Honestly 315300, how many error codes can they have.

StayStatic3659d ago

Depends how many they errors they coded for xD

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