FIFA 13 Introduces Five New Mechanics, Motion Control Support

Electronic Arts Inc. today unveiled five new mechanics that will bring changes to EA SPORTS’ FIFA 13, promising the largest and deepest feature set in the history of the franchise. Ranging from new artificial intelligence (AI) design to a redesigned dribbling system, EA SPORTS are pulling out all the stops for FIFA 13.

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FlashXIII4444d ago

Lol they promise the largest and deepest feature set each year. I just hope the motion control they're adding didn't take a significant amount of resources that could have been better used elsewhere.

Not sure about the dribbling stuff though, seeing how ridiculously poor the refs are in fifa 12, I can't help but think it'll be even easier to get in the box and play for the penalty in fifa 13.

Solid_Snake374444d ago

The most ridiculous and pointless thing they added in FIFA was the hand touch foul, easily the most broken thing in the series... And I hope they remove it

Kur04443d ago

you can disable it in the options and its off in head to head ranked matches...

badz1494443d ago

too easy to get penalties!

stubbed_out4444d ago

Don't get me wrong, absolutely love the game, but not one of those 5 new mechanics is a new mechanic for FIFA.

Was the source of article taken from the FIFA 12 official site?

GoldenGamer4444d ago

When it says "off the ball battles" i was expecting some Joey Barton type action.

sriki0074444d ago

ha ha ha.... Barton vs cisse. Lol

torchic4444d ago

you mean Barton vs. Balotelli?

badz1494443d ago

if only they would put in the Madden and NHL mechanic into FIFA...that might be a possibility!

Ninjamonkey824444d ago

Ah god forget about the motion control please :/.... Looks like i may be going PES this year.

kingdavid4444d ago

I hope the vita version is the same as the console version.

OcelotRigz4444d ago

Did you play FIFA on the Vita? Was it any good?

Ive been eager to get the Vita and FIFA looked really good on it and is on of the reasons i would like to get one. I dont know if the current one has it, but i would love to see a synchronization between the portable and console version i.e. playing career mode on the ps3 and then continue it on the Vita.

Hisiru4444d ago (Edited 4444d ago )

I played it on Vita and I can say that it's an incredible game. Multiplayer and carreer mode are exactly what you expect but touch screen controls aren't really that good (for me). Overall it's a great game and if you love Fifa 12 on PS3/x360/PC, you should buy it for Vita.

kingdavid4443d ago (Edited 4443d ago )

In an interview for the first vita game, the synchronisation you said is exactly what they plan on doing in future games.

The first fifa vita was based on a fifa 11 build though (ie. no new defending system) but I assume it was due to time constraints and testing the new hardware. It looks like theyre more than capable of just porting the official fifa 13 console version in there.

Hope it works out well.

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lptmg2251d ago

International Superstar Soccer 98 is still my fav