" sites down for maintenance", No ETA when they will be available

Blizzard has just announced that " sites are in maintenance". The developer further added that there's NO ETA as to when they will be available.

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Trenta273665d ago

Why the hell would someone who knew millions of people were going to log in at once not install a queue for their servers? I mean, really. They should have made three separate servers for America or something.

This was terrible planning on their part.

Raiz3665d ago

completely agree with you....really a careless attitude from Blizzard side

Trenta273665d ago

The rage of the Internet will be blazing later today.

StayStatic3664d ago

LMAO at that image xD

Guess it's not so bad hasn't delivered yet ...

FlashXIII3664d ago

Not looking good for Bliz tbh they are making the national newspapers here in England.. or at least making the news apps on my phone. It's very rare for games to get that sort of coverage here in the UK.

vega2753664d ago

Damn with all the problem this game is having makes me glad I'm waiting until this weekend to get the game. Hope everything is fine by then or I might get it and hold offf from installing it until the problems are fixed with a patch.