Why are Next-gen Games So Stupid?'s Matt Butrovich criticizes next-gen artificial intelligence using examples from recently released titles, such as Crysis and Assassin's Creed.

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Joey Gladstone5433d ago

In all honesty AI in video games has progressed leaps and bounds since the good old days of 2 or 3 scripted enemy actions.......but if you look at a lot of the selection currently out there, none really has a STANDOUT NEXT GEN, KNOCK ME OUT OF MY SEAT WOW AI...............
..."The JOEY has Spoken"

TheExecutive5433d ago

Uncharted has some of the hardest AI I have ever seen. The only flaw that I see is that they dont run away from grenades.

Bill Gates5433d ago

I agree bro, I beat that on Crushing, and it was no walk in the park. Heck it wasn't a walk in the park on Hard either.

Marceles5433d ago

Yeah, I'd consider Uncharted being next-gen AI...I love how they cover too. The first time I saw one of them get on the ground stomach first and shoot at me from behind cover I was blown away. Lol yeah they're pretty bad at dodging nade blasts...from my experience, the grenades blow up pretty fast though.

kevoncox5433d ago

It's not going to happen. No matter what a developer does, we'll find away to break it. We are humans and a game is only that, a game. We will always be able to out think it. 1 game that people never mention the AI in is Halo. The Halo series has some of the best AI ever. My only qualm about the Ai in Halo is

1) Too accurate sometimes
2) Doesn't react to being sniped. Outside of that it's preety damn good.

I think we expect too much from ai. I'm pretty forgiving.

Charlie26885433d ago (Edited 5433d ago )

Actually you should specify the enemy AI in Halo is good specially in Heroic or Legendary BUT the ally AI in Halo (specially 3) is brain dead cuz I cant count how many times I was killed cuz of the INCREDIBLY bad driving skills and constat crashes against random walls or getting stuck in tiny rocks or the fact that they never seem to correctly handle rockets or grenades and end up killing other friendly...or you

what i find interesting is how Bungie allowed this since for example on 3 the Brutes effectively take cover deploy bubble shields and hide to ambush and yet the friendly seem to do EVERYTHING wrong and get butchered in seconds

but still I haven't seen (well played) a game match the AI of FEAR cuz I cant remember the last time I played a game were the AI practically flanked me an ENTIRE map just to come up from behind THE worst possible moment -_-

Edit: oh boy look at those disagrees I guess they got the "good" copy of Halo 3 and I got the "bad" copy of Halo 3 or maybe its just the usual reality denial some people seem to experiment thru the site

RIPHDDVD5433d ago

it's like they don't even try to hit you. most of the time they're just running around like complete idiots

llamaman135433d ago

assassins creed had pretty decent ai i thought, they could have done better though.

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The story is too old to be commented.