Diablo 3 Error 3006 Blizzard made an Uh Oh!

"According to the Diablo 3 forum for EU Tech Support, a major bug has been found that is causing players to disconnect from and remained locked out."


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Guwapo773657d ago

I'm picking up my copy in a hour, I hope they find the problem and resolve it quickly.

jrbeerman113657d ago

they posted that it would be fixed in an hour an hour ago, now theres a new post saying it will be fixed by 130pst or 430est.

WOW i guess had similar issues, and considering that the east coast schools and jobs are letting out in an hour or so it will put even more stress on servers.

Guwapo773657d ago

/shrugs they did pretty good handling WoW issues in the past. I'm going to stay positive about the situation.

MRMagoo1233656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

have they ? they cant even make the wow armory app work properly and ppl have been complaining about it since day one

Guwapo773655d ago

I can't comment on the app, I wasn't paying extra money to use it. I only used it during the free trail period and it worked for what I used it for...guild chat while away from home.

sriki0073657d ago

i really want to buy diablo 3. But since activision and blizzard merged i can safely assume this will get a few dlc's to increase profits. So i'll be buying D3 complete edition with all dlc's

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