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If you’re a lone wolf and you’re just concerned with your kill count stick to the swarm of military styled first-person shooters out there, but if you like challenging gameplay in a constantly evolving battlefield, Starhawk is just what the doctor ordered. Its nuances are deep, the layered gameplay is incredibly satisfying and there really is nothing quite like it out there.

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hulk_bash19873659d ago

Say what you want about the single player campaign. But I am enjoying the hell out of multi player.

Bathyj3659d ago

Their mistake was calling it a campaign.

If they'd called it a tutorial people would be saying wow, thats the best tutorial ever.

DigitalRaptor3659d ago

Maybe, but the team at Lightbox Interactive can't really win (well other than continue to make their amazing game even better through updates and DLC content and gain more of a fanbase). If they did that or didn't release the campaign at all it would be criticized for not being worth $60.

VonBraunschweigg3659d ago

Jup, add something and there's only more to complain about for some. Imo a good reviewer should recognise this is a MP game and explain that to his readers, this was build for MP, the score reflects the MP and if you want a good SP with a good story, do not buy this game. In 2012 it's weird to see a brilliant MP game get lower scores (not here) because of the SP that clearly was meant as a tutorial the predecessor missed.

That said, and after a lengthy beta, it's remarkable to see the lack of teamwork in most of the games. I didn't finish the SP myself but I think the 32 building cap could use a little more attention.

Bathyj3659d ago

Just for the record, I'm getting this game and I dont play online. I only havent got it yet cos I have to get Max Payne this week and Ghost Recon the week after.

MrDead3659d ago

Another 9+/10 this game is getting the reviews it deserves, it’s a brilliant experience that I recommend to any gamer.

Still waiting for the hit generating 4/10 review score that always seems to turn up on N4G

Kinger89383659d ago

glad the reviews are steady and picking up! loads of people are complaining on the forums but ive had no issues online except dips in sound which is hardly going to change the experiance for me!

the game is a cracker just hope more people get onboard! 32 player dogfights are impressive, hectic, and fun!

ko-zee-ii3659d ago

Totally agree. I really hope the online community remains as faithful to Starhawk as they did to Warhawk

Adolph Fitler3659d ago

There aren't & shouldn't be too many negatives against Starhawk, it's older brother Warhawk has a tonne of negatives, but Starhawk is the true meaning of evolution to the point of near perfection....I mean, just like ANY game out there, you could nitpick & score the game down for little shortcomings & such here & there......

But why waste your time nitpicking a game so different.

In a sea.....not only a sea, but a tidal wave of titles that wanna be COD4, (which includes all the COD after COD4, seeing they haven't evolved or done anything different since), it is horrid to think reviewers & especially other gamers would look for reasons to fault this game & prop other dross up on a pedastool.......

Starhawk is the best console online multiplayer none.... all should bow down to it's greatness, & the fact is, I have struggled to find a game that was a better online experience than Socom 2 on PS2.....yep, all these supposed online gems like COD4 & it's sibblings, wannabe's & such have failed to match a near 10yr old PS2 game.....So with great happiness, I say that the only game that seems to be offering me the same levels of FUN...yes FUN...not technical perfection.....FUN, that Socom 2 on PS2 rewarded me is Starhawk.
And this is the mantra in which a videogame should be's fun factor is the bottom line & single most important bulletpoint in which a game should be judged.

terrordactyl3659d ago

Awesome game, best mp on PS3 by far

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