Last Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC due tomorrow

Gematsu: "Square Enix will release its final batch of Final Fantasy XIII-2 download content on PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Arcade."

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Snookies123666d ago

Final batch? Really? *sigh* They could have put so many more memorable monsters/characters in the arena to fight...

RedDead3666d ago

Thank god. On to Versus now?


kreate3666d ago

Oh i thought this team was doing ff13-3 :P

OmegaSaiyanX3666d ago

I played about 10hrs of FF13-2 even got the limited ce version and havent touched it in months.

torchic3666d ago

yes so now they can work on an ultimate version with all DLC included for like €40. that's of course if they decide to go ahead with that version.