Rainbow 6 Patriots Release Date Revealed writes, "As Ubisoft prepares to release their upcoming shooter Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, it appears that a release date may have slipped for another shooter from the company. Previously, Ubisoft had only mentioned 2013 for Rainbow 6 Patriots but had refused to go anymore specific with the release date."

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zeal0us3662d ago

January 1 2013 is a long way but man I do plan on getting this game.

chriski3333661d ago

i bet u anything the date will change

Ashunderfire863661d ago

Well of course it will change its a place holder date.

showtimefolks3661d ago

rainbow six vegas was one of my fav games, here is hoping this one has a great and lengthy campaign

J5Feedback3661d ago

I still play terrorist hunt when I'm bored. Calypso Casino is one of my favorite multiplayer maps in history.

KwietStorm_BLM3661d ago

I just hope it doesn't play like that target demo trailer. The last thing I need is for them to casualize Rainbow Six.

THC CELL3661d ago

J5Feedback a true rainbow six player will tell u garage was the best map ever in the rainbow series

Playing rainbow six since rainbow 3

Summons753660d ago

they already casualized it with Vegas, I want them to go back to more strategy like the old games

KwietStorm_BLM3660d ago

No agrees and 4 disagrees. So you all want QTEs in Rainbow Six? You want it to play like Heavy Rain? Because thats exactly what the trailer emulated.

Kurt Russell3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

I hope they get that blonde stupid looking skank to advertise this one as well!!!... Only kiddin'

I have missed the Rainbow 6 games, I loved Vegas!

Bleucrunch3660d ago

The first one was amazing the second was the equivalent to eating a terribly prepared piece of bone in rib eye...a crime in this world which should never happen. The third one at least from the videos that I saw will be a classic. They are takin their sweet time with this game as they should.

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PerpetualMathx103661d ago

very excited for this game, ive been holding off after i got burnt out on fps games. so im very much looking forward to halo 4 and rainbow 6 patriots!

Brosy3661d ago

I hope it's as good as the Vegas series.

Bathyj3661d ago

I thought I was the only one who loved Vegas.

Yeah I know it was different to the early games, but it was still great, and gave you lots of options and choices in taking out tangos.

We need more shooters that give a bit of freedom and allow you to think. A nice change from the space marines and run and gun military shooters.

Did you know about 50% of koalas have chlamydia?
Dirty little bastards.

zeal0us3661d ago

Vegas is a good series, man wish they had came out with a Vegas 3 before now.

Kingdom Come3661d ago

I felt Vegas 2's multiplayer, rank system and customisation was an improvement but they should have kept Logan as the protagonist in the campaign, Vegas 1's campaign was so grounded, character driven and suspensful, whilst in Vegas 2 I hated the protagonist, and we designed him...

DeadlyFire3660d ago

Vegas was primarily First person. This game is third person view only. So I see a big negative on that already. It worked for Mass Effect, but that wasn't a tactical type of game.

January is a very unexpected release date. It doesn't fit in at all with their goal of taking on frontline shooters. January is just a placeholder. Date is more than likely Septemberish or later.

I don't like the direction Patriots is going in, but I can't stop it. I just wish there was a Vegas 3 or Raven Shield 2 or something along those lines.

i_da_pappy3661d ago

January 1st? i dont think so. as bad as i want this game, in January nobody wants to spend money its right after christmas. they need to put it out before christmas or push it back to february.

blackhammer3661d ago

What about the kids who get their holiday money in their stockings and stuff? They'll spend money. I know I spend some on steam deals.

ian723661d ago

Looking forward to seeing how this game turns out. The new Ghost Recon isn't doing it for me, I hope this is better.

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