LittleBigPlanet Vita Beta Registration Coming to a Close

"After less than a week from its arrival, the registration page for the LittleBigPlanet Vita Beta will be going down. Notably, this may mean that not only the beta, but the full game may be coming sooner than not." - JPS

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Snookies123666d ago

Sweet... Man I hope I get into this beta lol.

Kurisu3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

I hope the online servers for LBP Vita are going to be more stable than the PS3 ones. I didn't play LBP online much because loading often took a long time, and the games were full of lag. Haven't played for a while though so not sure if this has been fixed via updates. Anyway, I've registered for this and I look forward to trying it out (if I get in).

NellyNel_7_1_33666d ago

Hey guys where can I signed up for this beta?

Kurisu3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

Details were on the PS Blog last week.

NellyNel_7_1_33666d ago

I was not paying attention to this beta announcements last week. I was not even sure if I was going to buy my ps vita at all.

admiralvic3666d ago ticle/littlebigplanet_vita_beta /

sorry it says it looks like spam.

NellyNel_7_1_33666d ago

When I go here

I click on the link the site gives you to go sign up for the beta. I click on it the link but it take me to a forbidden page...

what time are Sony closing the beta?

Protagonist3665d ago

Signed up last week, hope I will get the beta.